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You will find the best Rocky Point  Real Estate investments in Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico by using the navigating tabs on the top of the page. The various Rocky Point Real Estate developments have been listed under resort living tab and the real estate available in each development is listed here. Real Estate in Rocky Point have had it's ups and downs, But we are now on the verge of an upswing that is fast becomming another boom like the one of 2007. The passenger liner dock situated next to the Reef in Rocky Point is being constructed and will be completed in 2020. The masterplan for expansion of Puerto Penasco has been submitted and approved. Four International passenger liner companies (Including Carnival and Hollard America) have indicated their interest in using this area for cruises and the funding has been approved by the Federal Government of Mexico. The cruises will commence in Puerto Penasco and ......Read more

The time has come to own Real Estate in Puerto Penasco and our agents can find you the best opportunities in Real Estate. There are amazing deals to be had for the descerning buyer and your perfect vacation home or condo is waiting for you.

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I am Corne Labuschagne, A South African who specializes in Rocky Point Real Estate in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. I am the Broker/owner of Expert Realty Rocky Point. At Expert Realty Rocky Point we have excellent agents, who strive to serve all our  clients with integrity. We always endeavor to protect the interests of our clients while negotiating the best Rocky Point Real Estate investment opportunities at reasonable prices for them. We will utilize the vast advantages of the best Rocky Point Real Estate service providers and efficiently guide you through the buying and selling process in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.

We are committed to ..... Read More

You, too, can live your dream now. Let us show you how to own Rocky Point Real Estate in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. You don't need to venture further. We found it all here….you can too!

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59 photos
$574,900 USD
"Assumable Loan!"
52 photos
$449,000 USD
35 photos
$325,000 USD
"Great beach, pool, sea view"
15 photos
$325,000 USD
52 photos

701 Luna Blanca, Luna Blanca (Mexico)

"Excellent priced luxury condo!"
$325,000 USD
39 photos
$269,900 USD
"Owner Carry Back"
21 photos
$225,000 USD
44 photos

431 Comonfort, Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico, Col. Oriente

"Upgraded Construction on a Double Lot"
$154,900 USD
"10K Under 12/17 Appraisal"
49 photos

Villa, Suite 4, Los Mezquites (Mexico)

"Small Gated community"
$134,900 USD
"Owner will carry!"
18 photos

Section 7 Lot 103, Las Conchas (Mexico)

"Prime Lot close to Beach"
$59,000 USD
10 photos
$60,000,000 USD
"Private Owned Land"
21 photos
$29,424,500 USD
"8 Kilometers beachfront @ $5 a sq ft"
34 photos
$15,000,000 USD
"Medical Tourism"
49 photos
$12,500,000 USD
"Land opportunity"
5 photos
$6,740,000 USD
"$1 per square meter, Beach front 3 km !!"
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