Rocky Point, Mexico or Puerto Peñasco as it is known in Spanish is a wonderful sunny place with tranquility in abundance and Fiesta’s (Parties) at night. Time fly when you are having fun and weekends are too short. There are lots of things to do in Rocky Point, Mexico?

This is a place of dreams and adventure. Whether it is riding your Quad bike (ATV) on the sandy roads next to the Beach, or gliding over the sunbathers in a Micro-light, there is something for everyone to enjoy and experience. The adventure seeker can choose between activities such as Kayaking, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming with Dolphins, Island visits, Deep sea Fishing, Para sailing, Jet skis, Boat trips, Quad Biking, Hiking, Micro light, 4X4 excursions, Dune and Beach explorations, Volcano Visits in the Pinacate Reserve and many more.

This area is graced with more than 30 restaurants for the discerning diner and they cater for tastes ranging from traditional Mexican to Chinese and everything in between. Diners can choose between quick lunches at the local taco bars or dining on a sunset cruise drinking Tequila and beers to your heart’s content. The local Iron Chef competition is one of the highlights of the year as Chefs try to outshine one another by creating mouthwatering dishes, displayed with eloquence and style. Seafood is the specialty of the town and fresh scrimp can be found at most venues.

The less active visitors can enjoy the year round sunshine and great temperatures. You can enjoy the white sun kissed beaches and local massage parlors. The massage parlors have qualified personnel and can provide services ranging from Shiatsu massage up to Aroma Therapy. They have agents to massage you on the beach. They actually bring shade and a massage table for your comfort and do n great job of relaxing you and getting rid of all the negative energy imprinted by society.

Bars and Clubs are abundant and some open at 07h00 to close again at daybreak or when the party ends. Free tequila tastings are held daily at the Tequila factory and they will provide you with and educational tour about tequila that will both astound you and cause you to be selective in your future tequila purchases. The Young and Old will find a place that they love and enjoy. The beers are tasty and made with good ingredients. A vast selection is available in light or dark (Negro) beers and come in bottles or on tap. Two drinks for the price of one or one dollar shots are frequent specials offered at the various restaurants and bars.

Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco) is a fishing village with the heart of a great holiday destination. Fresh fish, prawns and huge crayfish can be found in the Sea of Cortez. The fish, crayfish, lobster, prawns, scallops, mussels and other seafood are sold throughout the town at low prices. The USA has now reopened the borders to allow prawns to be brought into the USA. Now is the time to visit and stock up on this delicacy. Do not forget to visit the local oyster farms and sample the fresh oysters.

This is a town where every person is an artist and shopping is colorful and interesting. Arts and crafts are varied and beautiful. From Clay pots and metal sculptures to designer shot glasses and pewter trays, Printed T shirts to warm Ponchos and blankets, you are sure to find something you like and would want to take home. Strolling through the Old Port (Malecon) area or in the dirt mall will revitalize your senses and offer hours of enjoyment.

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Corne Labuschagne



These are the basic rules for whale watching:

• Cause minimal impact on whales.

• Be patient.

• Use only authorized whale watching boats

• The minimum distance that should be between the boat and the whale is 240 meters (800 ft.)This applies to unauthorized vessels,

• A maximum of four (4) boats are allowed to be around a single whale or group of whales any a specific time.

• Authorized vessels have to observe a minimum range between any boat and whale or group of whales of 60 meters for small boats (less than 10 meters in length) and 80 meters for medium and large boats.

• In the presence of whales, the speed limit is less than 5 knots or 9 Km / h decreasing the rate at 2 knots or 4 Km / h to enter the area of observation; the boat must then move slower than the slowest whale in the group. In all cases sharp acceleration and deceleration should be avoided.

• Avoid sudden changes in speed and direction, as this could scare the whales and could cause an accident.

• If you encounter whales while in the water, change direction, control your breathing rate and stay calm. Observe their activities and do not approach them. Swim away slowly without sudden movements.

• The correct way to approach a whale is from the rear side, never the front or when diving in a group do not surrounding them, as this may be threatening to them and they might react.

• Mothers with calves are extremely sensitive, so it is very important to approach carefully.

• Do not cause the dispersion of a group of whales or interrupt their activity.

• Do not throw or pour any type of waste, particularly plastic, cigarette butts, trash or any synthetic waste into the water as these could cause problems for animals if ingested.

• You can do sport or commercial fishing close to the whales.

• Not allowed to swim, snorkel, dive or kayak activities, parasailing or jet ski in areas where whales are. It can be dangerous and alter the natural behavior of these animals.

• It is forbidden to tow dinghies or any type of object, or drag ropes, lines, nets, hooks or similar attachment for whale watching to avoid accidents.

• For your own safety use lifejacket.



Destination                                        Distance in miles

Ajo, Az                                                               94

Albuquerque,Nm                                            678

Caborca, Mx                                                    108

Denver, Co                                                       1124

Farmington, Ut                                                925

Guaymas, Mx                                                   345

Hermosillo, Mx                                                270

Las Vegas, Nv                                                 514

Los Angeles, Ca                                             550

Lukeville, Az                                                    68

Nogales, Mx                                                     294

Phoenix, Az                                                      215 (Taking the 85 through Gila Bend Etc.)

San Carlos,Mx                                                 357

San Diego, Ca                                                 445

San Francisco, Ca                                         927

Salt Lake City, Ut                                            890

Sonoyta, Mx                                                     66

Tucson, Az                                                       216

Yuma, Az                                                          271


Written by Judy

What does it feel like to spend a day at the beach? Not just any beach, a beach of endless tranquility where you can relax by the shore and soak in the rays of the sun being 100% alive as the energy of the day engulfs you. These are our beaches in Rocky Point, Mexico.

Waking up to the sound of the surf, the sky a beautiful combination of pink and blues, the palapa gently moves from the ocean breeze and fresh coffee’s brewing in the kitchen is how our day began yesterday. The doors of our home open to the sea. We step off our patio into the white sandy beach where our children and grand children have grown up.

A solitary heron walks at the water’s edge and then takes off in flight. Crabs scurry along just beneath the surface and schools of the smallest fish quickly swim by.

Nature’s wonder is forever moving and changing

How fortunate we are to enjoy the beauty of the day. With beach lounging chairs outside under our palapa we can read our favorite book, listen to our favorite music or simply close our eyes and let the sounds of the day carry us to a soothing meditative embrace. If we choose to be inside our cushy reading chairs offer a cozy setting, with fans above for summer weather and a unique fireplace for cool winter nights.

Another of Rocky Point’s special offerings is the delicious variety of fresh shrimp and fish at incredible prices. Exceptional flavor and value are a chef’s delight.

Everything is within 10 to 20 minutes of no traffic driving time. No rush and lots of living the good life is what Rocky Point’s all about.

You can feel the peacefulness of our fishing community by the sea when you stroll along the Malecon and watch the shrimp boats go out to sea. Sit back relax and live the day with total abandonment. The sea is forever calling; the waves dance upon the shore and the joy of a new day is always beckoning.