Our Journey to Rocky Point


We are South African’s that have traveled far and wide in search of adventure and a place that we can call home.  Our Journey brought us to New York City, we spent a week exploring the most vibrant city in the world. Had an amazing experience from hailing a cab to catching the subway, visiting Ground Zero, the Statue of Liberty, Staten Island and Wall Street.   This only served to wet our appetite to see the rest of North America.  Hence we bought a SUV and started our journey across America. This was our own version of a Safari, minus the Elephant and Lions of course.

The road trip was amazing and we were enchanted by the varied landscape. The beautiful green trees in Pennsylvania, which magically changed to the bread basket state of Missouri. The open spaces of Texas gave way and ended in the desert of Arizona where the Cactus giants stood watch. Friendly folks were always willing to give advice and assistance to the lost and weary travelers.

Finally we reached Phoenix, did some shopping and had the urge to go further south. We remembered watching so many movies about people crossing the border for a quick break away. This was our chance to find out why?

Crossing the border was very laid back. The officers at the Border control verified our documents and send us across the road to pay our dues. They were friendly and kind as we were welcomed into Mexico.  We started heading south into the Sonoran desert and for a fleeting moment had the feeling that we were back in Africa.

You could see that the people were hard working but did not live in abundance.  Some places were colorful and others a bit rustic.  We arrived in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) in the early evening and headed straight for the Sea. Wow what a view! The sun was setting over a gentle Sea of Cortez with a warm breeze to my face. This was as close to heaven as you could imagine. The sunset was the best I have seen since leaving Africa.

Slowly but surely we started to explore the town with its 75000 inhabitants. Everyday we met new people so friendly and gentle, even though most of our conversations were limited to Hola (hello). This place has a heart of gold and once the people get to know you they make you part of the family.

We decided to stay and upon hearing the news, the residents immediately started giving us opportunities to start new businesses. We have always had a passion for real estate and used to buy and fix properties back in South Africa.

We decided that we would offer every client the opportunity to share in the wonderful tranquility and sense of community that we have been privileged to.

So come and let us start your journey by finding your dream property in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco).



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